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Individual coaching sessions.

Do you feel that you have unleashed potential? That you made for something bigger or different? Are you looking for the purpose of it all? 

Many of my clients have a lot of good in their world already. But feeling that they need something different. They want a change of some kind. Many people live like they were taught to be and are not who they truly are. Does this resonate with you? I have helped many clients find meaning and their true path. 

Sometimes it feels like peeling an onion to find your innermost truth and to live your full life - just the way you would want it. Surprising how much will happen in your life when you are listening to your inner voice and when you can live in your energy. And to acknowledge and use all the strengths you are carrying within.

Many of my clients are highly sensitive and need tools to create and protect their boundaries. In order to now wear out in the process of giving to others. 

I would love to help you to live a life in abundance and to create a meaningful, beautiful life.


I am a certified Activation Method coach and a energy coach at the coaching institute. I am also a certified healer. Depending on client and journey I can use all my capabilities and of course I bring in my leadership skills and experiences.

Individual intuitive coaching

Book your first intro session for free (20 min zoom call)
Online sessions and/or live sessions in Encinitas, Southern California.


Phone/Text: +1(760)798 5269

Instagram: cecilia__mortimer

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