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Cecilia Mortimer

Certified Activation Method Coach

Certified Energy Coach

Certified Divine Oneness Healer and Teacher

I was a successful C-level executive in various companies in different industries for 15 years. I had it all - a great job, a big pay check, a loving family, wonderful friends, beautiful vacations around the world - still it was not enough. Something was missing. I quit my job and concentrated on my inner longing, my purpose that was all the time hidden within me. Hidden under patterns and rules from my past, my childhood and the whole system around me.

After peeling of layers and unlearning parts of what I learnt I am now on my true path and would like to share my tools with you so your journey does not have to be as drastic. And I dream about helping to create a sustainable world and I am convinced that to create a sustainable world we need to start with ourself.

Now I live in Southern California and work with helping people who want to find meaning and find their true path. I am a certified coach and healer. In my practice I bring my experience on leadership together with my coaching and healing. My passion is to guide and lead people where they want to be. As a Swedish coach and healer living in California, I am helping purpose driven executives, entrepreneurs, business and tech leaders, actors and change makers to find their true path and to make even more out of life!

I always had great passion to explore the mystery of life and with big love to work with people. The world needs a new type of leadership to shine through and I am on a mission to contribute to that change. Be the leader of your own situation, create great experiences for you and inspire others!

My spiritual journey

Since I was a small child I always knew that there was something much bigger than me, much bigger than the earth and all its people. Growing up I had experiences I did not understand and could not share. I experienced energy in ways my closest could not relate too. 


After my university years I decided to shut down, to close down on the universe and all the searching. I started my career in business and as the success grew I felt less and less enthusiastic. The first step to my new journey was to start my daily meditation practice. Pretty soon I was on the searching path again. I met people or guides in every corner of my path and tried different methods in search for clarity. In the beginning it was my mind searching to understand. But it was my heart that found the key, together with my intuition and some courage. 

Spirituality is today a big part of my reason to be.  I have come to trust the universe and its mysteries. I am specially interested in altered space and the adventure and healing that can take place there. My experiences are sometimes hard to explain in words and so is my path but the trust helps me a lot to make the most of it and to have a lot of fun with the experiences. 

There are many that have helped and guided me on my journey. And I would love to be one of your helpers!

Book a session

First intro session is free (20 min zoom call)
Online sessions and/or live sessions in Encinitas, Southern California.


Phone/Text: +1(760)798 5269

Instagram: cecilia__mortimer

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