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Individual sessions

Sessions are available on Zoom or at The Indigo Dragon Center in Encinitas, California

Cecilia starts by listening to her clients needs with focus on finding the root cause on an energetic level. She is using energy work to transform negative thoughts, limited beliefs and unhealthy patterns. She works to empower you and your relationships. Her works include transforming trauma and generational trauma on an energetic level. She helps her clients to set boundaries and to connect with their higher purpose. Cecilia often works with clients that are going through a change or would like to enable transformation in their life.


I had so much social programming. Did everything that the society and my family expected of me. Best education, great career, wonderful husband and beautiful kids. I was well connected with everything, everything except my own soul and my own truth. I felt that something was missing, despite all I felt that I had some undiscovered potential. My whole system was stressed and I couldn’t find a way out. Meditation set the foundation for my evolution and energy healing made me rediscover my inner being and my true gifts. 


We all have a choice to go within, peel off our layers and find new paths - to heal ourselves. To me - this is what spirituality is all about. To reconnect with your spirit and your soul. To unleash your inner power and wealth. As simple as that - to do the work we are here to do and to understand ourselves. Many of us need a little help on our way to rediscover ourselves. Are you ready?

Free intro call

Book your free intro call today! Send me a text at +1 (760) 798 5269 or an email at

All my sessions take place via Zoom or in Encinitas, California.

Cecilia is a fantastic healer. I am a healer myself and know of many healers. Cecilia is one of the best! I had sessions with her at a time in my life when I needed support.


She is very pure and has a lot of integrity that made me feel safe. She didn’t put her personal values or experience into the healing process which made me relax and to concentrate on my healing process. Her imaging way of speaking helped me for a long time after the sessions and I can pick up the images when I need focus and to find my balance. 


Her healing tools are very powerful and I recommend anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and to heal themselves and their relationships to see Cecilia.

A. Hagman (Healer)

Divine Oneness - The Healing Academy. 
New program starting January 2024



Available online and In person in Encintas.

Small group training so spots are limited!

Indigo Dragon Center

@ 451 La Veta Ave

Encinitas, California

Interested to know more:

(760) 798 5269

Healing method

Find your path and let your inner light shine through

This is a heart based, spiritual method of healing and reading and we include the whole you in the process. We work with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body - using tools to clear old patterns, letting go of fears, old emotions and blockages. Our mission is to let your inner light shine, your heart lead the way and your intuition be a great tool for you in everyday life. With this you will be a great inspiration for others.

The world needs your light to shine bright -  working with yourself is our best and only way to help build a sustainable and bright future for all of us. 

This method derives from old mystery schools in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria. Healing is a way to widen your consciousness and train your psychic abilities. All my work is heart based and helps you take more profound steps based on your heart’s knowledge.

We all have an abundance of light within - and now is the time to let it shine and for you to live your purpose.

Photo: Isis temple in Aswan, Egypt 2022


Book a free intro call today!

Encinitas, Califorina, USA

+1 (760) 798 5269

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I have clients from a wide range of occupations. Entrepreneurs, Actors, Tech and Business. Here are a few testimonials.

The luxury of time for personal growth with Cecilia, who has an entire bag of experience and knowledge in leadership, added to her holistic approach to life, gives her a present and a feeling for guiding me in a simple, straightforward way. Moving on with Cecilia is of great value.

S. Näsström (CEO, Entrepreneur)

For the first time in years I feel grounded, present, brave and powerful again – as a woman, friend, wife, mother and professional. Cecilia has changed the way I look at myself, the power of my mind and my unique abilities forever.

S. Yoo (Journalist)

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