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Divine Oneness 


The program is accelerating your spiritual growth and healing. It is a path toward Oneness, Self Love and aligning with your Divine Destiny. Using our full sensory perception and our intuition to channel healing energy.  The Divine Oneness is based on the  Pleiadian Lightwork and it allows us to expand our consciousness and our awareness.  


We work in small groups with  powerful energy work to create a shift within.  After the first level of Divine Oneness you will be able to use this healing method to continuously work with yourself and others.



New enrollments 2024

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Divine Oneness In Person

Enrollment open

Divine Oneness Level 1

In Person training at The Indigo Dragon Center in Encinitas, CA.

May 7th, 12th, 14th, 21st, 28th

June 4th, 11th, 18th


Enroll by email

Or call 760 798 5269

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Divine Oneness Online

Divine Oneness Level 1

Online training via Zoom.


Contact me for more information

Book a free Q&A session

To learn more about the Divine Oneness rogram book a free Q&A session with Cecilia Mortimer

Divine Oneness - Healing Program for Personal
& Spiritual growth.


Divine Oneness Level 1

What you will learn during Level 1:

  • Connect with your higher self.

  • Meet your spiritual guides.

  • Set and clear space.

  • Reading, Healing & Activating the 7 Chakras

  • De-programming Patterns & Beliefs

  • Healing Boundaries

  • Kundalini Channel Healing and Activation

  • Accessing Akashic Records

Divine Oneness Level 2

In the next level we deepen our knowledge and wisdom. We use more advanced healing techniques and continue to deepen our connections with our higher selves and our spiritual guides.

  • Clearing backside of our chakras.

  • Healing Twin flames.

  • Erase pain from past lives.

  • Clearing self saboteur patterns.

  • Heal inner female and inner masculine energies.

  • Astral cleansing and clearing.

  • Holographic healing of the Physical, Ethereal, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Divine Oneness - become a Certified Healer

Divine Oneness Level 3

Focus on becoming independant healer and maturing in our readings. Taking fast steps into becoming professional healers. Continue to go deeper in our healings in the subconscious and in the initial separation. Level 1+2 are required to attend. Certification is done when Level 3 is well executed.

Cecilia has been a student of mine for nearly three years in my healing program Divine Oneness. I have observed her healing sessions and often been impressed by her accuracy, her compassion, and her insightfulness. Her communication with her clients is clear and empathic, and I believe she will experience a great future as both a healer and a teacher.

- Ulla Anderen, Founder of Divine Oneness based on Dolphin Star Temples teachings

Ulla Anderen founder of Divine Oneness based on Dolphin Star temples trainings

Book a free intro call

Free intro call to learn more about my practice and my teaching.


Phone/Text: +1(760)798 5269

Instagram: cecilia__mortimer

Divine Oneness

The Divine Oneness Healing program is based on the Pleiadean Lightwork that supports the evolution of the soul and personal transformation through healing and spiritual activation. 

All of it is based on the teachings of ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Atlantean mystery schools and brought onto this earth in 1995 by Amorah Quan Yin. 

Jessica Berg

Divine Oneness lead by Cecilia was life changing. Not only did it sharpen my intuitive skills, but it also gave me a release of things that were holding me back in my life. At the end of the program, I felt and saw a massive transformation within myself from the inside. I’m so grateful to have had the experience of Divine Oneness - it truly was one of the greatest investments I ever made for myself.

Brittany Hall

The Divine Oneness course was a space and group held by the magnificent Cecilia. Her ability to facilitate and hold space for your own discovery of self and the journey of learning such a beautiful healing modality was a true gift. The blend of mediation/ visualization practices and the weekly lessons created an experience that felt extremely grounding, enlightening and well versed. If you want to take a journey of self discovery while partnering with a very special group of people to gain new tools that will empower you- Divine Oneness is ready to be a blessing to you

Rochelle Henderson

 Cecilia helped me feel completely at peace during our trainings, and her reassuring presence soothed any nervousness or self-doubt that arose.

I am now launching my own energy healing practice with the techniques she taught us, and I couldn't be more delighted to bring this incredible work into the world. I highly recommend Cecilia's divine oneness programs; she is a remarkable teacher. 

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