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My mission is to help people, leaders and businesses to find their own unique path. Do you live the life you want to live or the life you were taught to live? In this question lay’s a lot of learning. Coaching is all about helping the client live their life the way they dream about it. Listen and clarify the inner goals and take steps to live in a new elevated state. I am an Activation Method certified coach and in my lineage we have a tradition of finding and focusing on strengths, clearing obstacles and taking action in the right direction - your direction.

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My story

After a long and successful career as a C-level leader in business I decided to live my dream and to coach people full time and to be able to see the person without having a constant multitasking with business goals etc. I bring my long experience of leadership and business and mix it with coaching tools and a strong intuitive skill. My focus has been in helping female leaders, entrepreneurs, actors but also on women who want to be a better leader over themselves. Self leadership is deeply needed in these times of great shifts and changes.

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My coaching services

Individual coaching

Based on your current situation and goals we create a session plan for you or your business to set and obtain your vision. I work with clients on carrier coaching, executive coaching and self leadership.

Energy coaching

You will be able to use various techniques to remove obstacle, unwanted emotions, fears on a subtle energy levels.

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Leadership groups

Circle of young female leaders. Build your inner strengths to create a more sustainable leadership. Contribute to the UN sustainable development goals by growing your inner capabilities. Join the movement of Inner development goals!

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Encinitas, Califorina, USA

+1 (760) 798 5269

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I have clients from a wide range of occupations. Entrepreneurs, Actors, Tech and Business. Here are a few testimonials.

The luxury of time for personal growth with Cecilia, who has an entire bag of experience and knowledge in leadership, added to her holistic approach to life, gives her a present and a feeling for guiding me in a simple, straightforward way. Moving on with Cecilia is of great value.

S. Näsström (CEO, Entrepreneur)

During the past five weeks we've explored and identified my strengths and the environments I thrive in and I've had many valuable insight along the way.

S. Gellin (Tech Business)

For the first time in years I feel grounded, present, brave and powerful again – as a woman, friend, wife, mother and professional. Cecilia has changed the way I look at myself, the power of my mind and my unique abilities forever.

I really recommend her as a coach, if you want to become a more consciously and meaningful driven leader!

S. Yoo (Journalist)

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