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Spiritual Healer - Intuitive Mentoring

Reconnect to your essence and rediscover your authentic self

My Services

Reconnect to your essence and rediscover your authentic self.

I work with my intuitive healing powers and a also trained in Pleiadean Lightwork  that supports souls evolution and transformation through healing and spiritual activation. Based on the teachings of ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Atlantean mystery schools and brought onto this earth in 1995 by Amorah Quan Yin. 

Individual sessions - Pleiadian Lightwork

Cecilia uses a range of modalities, including:

  • clearing of any contracts and limiting beliefs

  • deprogramming subconscious patterns

  • reading and healing of chakras

  • healing and releasing of past lives to unleash your soul’s gifts and talents in this lifetime.

Become free to step into your true soul’s purpose.

Past lives and individual messages often come through from spirit guides during these sessions.


Pleiadean lightwork session can be delivered face to face or as a remote session.

Divine Oneness - a Pleiadian Light Work Healing Program

Pleiadian light work healing program is for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth. It is a path toward Oneness, Self Love and to align with your Divine Destiny.

Dive into the ancient healing energy of the Pleiades. Connect with universal wisdom, balance your energy, and unlock your true potential.

A new program is starting May 7th in Encinitas, California. Read more here

Become a professional healer

You will be a certified healer in the Pleiadian Light Work technique. Ready to give back from what you have become through this practice. The techniques originates from ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria and is very powerful.Learn more

Sessions with Cecilia

Book a 30 minute free intro session:



What can you expect from working with Cecilia?

I work with Business Leaders, Actors, Entrepreneurs, Young Talents in Europe and in the US - they all have in common that they are all ambitious, brave and open to explore their true purpose and their true path. Using my long experience in management and my spiritual gifts and education to guide my clients to create their lifes from their inner purpose.


* A feeling of being free

* Find your true purpose

* Uncover your spiritual abilities

* Obtain a feeling of being fulfilled

* Improved leadership skills of others and oneself. 

* Increased success

* Set healthy boundaries

* Dissolve obstacles

* Create stronger and more healthy relationships

Book a free intro call today!

My sessions are on Zoom or at The Indigo Dragon in Encinitas. To book a free intro call send me a message or put your contact info in the form and I’ll get back to you soon

Encinitas, Califorina, USA

+1 (760) 798 5269

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I have clients from a wide range of occupations. Entrepreneurs, Actors, Tech and Business. Here are a few testimonials.

The Divine Oneness course was a space and group held by the magnificent Cecilia. Her ability to facilitate and hold space for your own discovery of self and the journey of learning such a beautiful healing modality was a true gift. The blend of mediation/ visualization practices and the weekly lessons created an experience that felt extremely grounding, enlightening and well versed. If you want to take a journey of self discovery while partnering with a very special group of people to gain new tools that will empower you- Divine Oneness is ready to be a blessing to you

Brittany Hall

For the first time in years I feel grounded, present, brave and powerful again – as a woman, friend, wife, mother and professional. Cecilia has changed the way I look at myself, the power of my mind and my unique abilities forever.

I really recommend her as a coach, if you want to become a more consciously and meaningful driven leader!

Sofia Yoo

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